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Planning Doula Day Trips to Loango National Park

Visitors have a number of options to consider for Douala day trips. However, one of the most recommended options is visiting the Loango National Park. This park is located in the neighboring nation of Gabon, yet the trip can be easily completed within 6 or 7 hours.

Reaching Loango National Park

The international boundaries between Cameroon and Gabon are relaxed. Visitors can take a connecting flight from the Douala airport. The flight takes just about 1 hour to reach Port Gentil in Gabon, and then it takes another 30 minutes to reach the park. Visitors can also reach the park by road as part of packaged tours offered by tour operators. This provides the luxury of traveling through the lush-green forests and small villages between the 2 countries. The road trip can take about 4 hours.

What to Expect at Loango National Park

Loango National Park has an enviable reputation, being repeatedly mentioned in numerous publications as a part of the top 10 safari destinations of Africa. Loango Park offers the perfect family day trip option, combining exotic forest creatures and flora in the backdrop of historic villages. Some of the perennial favorites include visiting the dense reaches of the Okume Forest and the shallow lagoons of Ndogo and Nkomi. Hippos are found in huge numbers, and the 1,500-kilometer stretch of the park borders a pristine beach. Other wildlife creatures include elephants, chimpanzees, leopards and gorillas. The neighboring coastline offers a view of killer and humpback whales. Other popular varieties of fish include the tarpon, which is one of the largest saltwater fish.

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