Budget Travel Ideas in Douala

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Douala doesn’t have to try too hard to solicit budget travelers. The throbbing commercial port and trade center attracts a multitude of visitors on a shoestring budget. Its quaint markets, lush mangroves and alluring hybrid culture, which exudes generous traces of an erstwhile French colonial era, entice visitors. Here are some super budget travel ideas for backpackers and other adventure enthusiasts who want to explore the rugged and raw charm of Douala.

Budget Hotels

For a no-fuss accommodation option, try Ibis Douala that is located in the heart of Banajo,the thriving business center of Douala. The strategically located property is very popular among budget tourists and is often packed to its capacity in peak seasons. Priced at approximately $ 130/per person per night, it offers clean rooms and attentive service along with a good breakfast and a highly accessible location. For adventure tourists looking for a more unfeigned nomadic experience, there are several camp sites on the fringes of the main Douala city. Visitors can obtain information about the camps from the main tourist office located in the town center. The bustling city is also dotted with several functional hostels and guest houses that are ingeniously designed and maintained to appease the wallets of budget travelers.


For traveling within the city and into surrounding areas, the least expensive mode of transportation is the local public bus service that covers several regions within the city and the passenger ferries that are well-connected modes of transport to Malabo, Bioko Island and Rio Muni. Travelling by CAMRAIL (Cameroon Railways) is also a good option for making a trip to the neighboring Yaounde. Avoid renting cars, since apart from being an obviously expensive option, the roads aren’t in very good condition and the journey can get extremely tiring. There are several mini-buses that connect travelers to the peripheral regions of Doula, including the beautiful coastal area of Kribi.

Eating Out

Douala is touted to be Africa’s 27th most expensive city but there seems to be no dearth of inexpensive accommodation and food options in the largest city of Cameroon. The town’s main street is home to some neat coffee houses and budget restaurants that serve lip-smacking snacks and local cuisine at unbelievable prices. There are also some old-world style French patisseries that make awesome sweets and deliciously flavored pastries. The street cafes will remind you of your trip to Paris and the road-side hawking carts selling tantalizing and robustly spiced local cuisine are a must visit for visitors with iron stomachs. Douala, though expensive in it’s outward countenance, is essentially an unpretentious travel destination that has plenty of options for travelers on a budget. 
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