Beaches in Douala

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Douala is the largest city in Cameroon, a country located in the West Africa. Douala Beaches are filled with exciting exploratory opportunities for visitors in this ancient sea port. Douala has a hot and humid climate with some rainfall and high humidity around the year. The main wet season is between July and October and a drier season from November to February. Known as the "Armpit of Africa," Doula has been a mixing pot for travelers for centuries.


Douala is located on in the topics and has an abundance of wildlife. The beaches in the area are kept in pristine condition.  However the oil industry is a large part of the Cameroon economy so there is debate in the community on how to conserve wildlife. Sea life is vital to the tourism sector so locals work with companies to maintain the cleanness of the area. In addition there are a number of species in the wildlife conserves. 

Limbe Beach

Limbe Beach is one of the closest beaches to Douala. One feature that the beach is famous for is the fresh seafood. Visitors to the beach can indulge in the seafood in the local restaurants. There are three different beaches that make up Limbe Beach, the three stretches are Mile 6, 8, and 11. Limbe is also well-known for its black sand beaches. The black sand is a result of a 1999 volcano eruption. Visitors appreciate the bay backdrop and the attractions available that include wildlife preserve. The beach is accessible from Douala by taxi cab. One other thing to mention is that this area is mainly English-speaking locals. 

Kribi Beach

Kribi is another beach near Douala with is popular with tourists and professional surfers. Kribi is considered the best beach in Cameroon. Unlike Limbe, the sands of Kribi are white. In addition to the beach, the Lobe Waterfalls, a World Heritage Site, is nearby. Visitors to Kribi can access the falls by Beach Road. More adventurous travelers, after exploring the falls, can take a jungle tour through Lobe River. Another thing to mention is that this beach features mainly French-speaking locals.

Tourists need to be vigilant when trying off-the-beaten-paths. Many of the local people are willing to offer excellent advice on what sites to see at the beach but there are reports of people taking advantage of tourists, especially those who insist that tourists stay away from the resorts.



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