Cameroon Travel Guide

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Any trip to Africa requires much thoughtful preparation, and Cameroon is no exception. With its abundance of tropical rain forests, deserts, savannas, sunny beaches, majestic volcanic mountains, and game-life, ranging from elephants to western lowland gorillas, there is much to discover in almost every part of the country.

National Parks

Lobeke National Park is famous for its western lowland gorillas. Tourists can also see elephant, hogs (giant forest and red river) and bongo antelope.
What makes it unique: Overnight visitors can stay at a watchtower and get the best chance of seeing these animals.

Waza National Park is the place to go if you want to see cheetahs. One of the few national parks that has the most variety of species, you are bound to see something exotic within the first hour! Waza is also known for its variety of birds, such as crested cranes, ducks, geese, guinea-fowl, and pelicans.

Climbing & Hiking

Mount Cameroon from Buea should not be missed by die-hard trekkers. At 13,435 feet (4,095 meters), the highest mountain in West Africa takes 3 to 4 days to reach the summit. The mountain base is in Bueau where you're sure to encounter a friendly and helpful staff and other trekkers.

It is possible to spend your entire Cameroon adventure hiking a variety of trails, with stop overs in cities. Le Dent de Mindif and the Mandara mountains are excellent for rock climbing and hiking, respectively. Le Dent De Mindif is located south of Maroua and the Mandara Mountains are west of Maroua. The Jungle Village in the Limbic Botanic Gardensalso has a variety of hiking trails.

Culture Life and Beaches

Tired of wildlife and hiking? Got a few extra days to spare? Consider visiting the capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé, which includes the Benedictine Monastery's Musée d'Art Cameroonais, Mt. Febe (traditional arts and crafts), and the National Museum of Yaoundé.

For sun bathing and body surfing, head to Limbe, a port town with many seafood restaurants and picturesque sandy beaches.


Cameroon experiences ongoing disputes with certain bordering countries, including Nigeria, Chad, and the Central African Republic. These border regions are considered unsafe. Please check with your country’s travel advisory website before visiting these neighboring countries.

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