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accommodation in Bujumbura

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Bujumbura Hotel Vaya Burundi

Bujumbura Hotel Vaya Burundi


The selection of hotels is limited in Bujumbura. Prices are not cheap but there are some mid-range and more expensive choices. Some hotels here merely survive because of the lack of competition. The high humidity in this climate does leave some rooms smelling musty, but that is difficult to combat. Chain hotels do not have locations here.

One of the cheaper hotels in Bujumbura is the Hotel Vaya. The location is not ideal for travelers who want to stay in town because it is just outside the city center. Mattresses sit on a concrete base and some rooms are dark with a view of a wall. Warm water is at a minimum. Don’t expect to be comfortable and you will be satisfied.

The Hotel Club du Lac Tanganyika is on the shores of a lake and has a large pool area to relax. Outside of Bujumbura, the tropical style rooms have a view of the picturesque Congolese mountains. Service tends to be slow.

For a three star hotel in Bujumbura, stay at the Novotel Bujumbura. This is not a good place for a woman staying alone. The beautiful exterior of this hotel is slightly misleading. The reception area needs some renovation and so do the rooms. There is air conditioning but it is not strong. For some reason a lot of men stay here and tend to ogle the female guests. Try the outside bar for some relief from your room.

Le Clos des Limbas may be the best option for Bujumbura hotels. This accommodation is a converted colonial home and is in a safe and quiet neighborhood. Sort of a bed and breakfast, each of the eight large rooms are uniquely decorated and has a private terrace. Television is in French and English and there is a refrigerator that contains complimentary bottled water. Expect air conditioning and wireless broadband internet service. The grounds are private and well manicured. Relax in the small swimming pool.

French run Hotel Botanika provides boutique style rooms in Bujumbura. Spacious rooms have huge bathrooms and plumbing and electricity that actually work. Immaculate rooms contain a refrigerator with cold sodas. There are a ridiculous amount of channels on their South African cable TV. The restaurant here is delicious for the area. Centrally located Hotel Botanika is in the center of Bujumbura.

The Residence St. Rose is a gracious guest house. Enjoy suites with multiple bedrooms and your own personal chef. Service is excellent and the service is amazing.

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Vaya Hotel

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Bujumbura Hotel Vaya Burundi
Bujumbura Hotel Vaya Burundi
photo by: Takis

Bujumbura Hotel Vaya Apartments Burundi

Panoramic View

Room single 45 euros /day
Appartment Single 60 euros/day
Appartment Double 85 euros/day


Traditional Greek Restaurant from ...1987 !

ALEXAKIS Efstratios
B.P 1267
Tel (257)22228231
Mob. (257)79921191
E-mail  vayaburundi@yahoo.fr

type:Youth Hostels
World66 rating: [rate it]
CostOfDoubleForANight:45 euros
address:Chausse Prince Louis Rwagasore, Kiriri, Bujumbura, BURUNDI

Bujumbura Hotel Vaya Apartments

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Bujumbura Hotel Vaya Apartments Burundi
Rooms & Apartments luxury with Panoramic View
Price from 60 USD/day
included all services + Breakfast
Special price for long periode !
Contact: ALEXAKIS Efstratios
Mail. vayaburundi@yahoo.fr

type:Lodging houses
World66 rating:[rate it]
address:Chausse Prince Louis Rwagasore, Kiriri

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