Daytrips in Ouagadougou

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Ouagadougou is a stunning montage of natural wilderness, exotic culture and striking historical monuments that are replete with tales of Burkin Faso’s fascinating legacy. The Ouagadougou Day Trip guide offers viewers great day trip options to make the most of their enchanting African vacation.


Bangre-Weoogo is a sprawling urban reserve of rich ecology and is located in the Zone du Bois. The place is an excellent option for day trails amidst lush green paths and rare species of fauna. Apart from the abundant vegetation, the destination also houses a mini zoo. Bangre-Weoogo is considered a “sacred forest” and has witnessed several African animalism rituals in the past. Today the park is maintained as a preservation area and visitors can spot several wildlife species here including crocodiles that are lounging around lazily near the marsh land. Wear comfortable walking shoes and attire and don’t forget to carry your binoculars. Great option for a family day out.

Le Musee Nationale

For a top notch eclectic cultural experience, head to Le Musee Nationale. A place that depicts the virtues and masterpieces of several local cultures through its intriguing memorabilia. Ouagadougou has evolved as a hub for several cultures, religions, rituals and beliefs and they have been ingeniously captured in the confines of this cultural storehouse. The Museum is located in the far eastern end of the city and is open all days of the week.

Village Artisanale of Ouagadougoub

For a rich array of Ouagadougou’s artifacts, look no further than Village Artisanale, a treasure trove of the most exquisite handmade pieces of local handicrafts. You need an entire day to meander through the craft center and pick up some of the most exclusive items at throwaway prices. Buying here is much more convenient than picking up stuff at the local street market. After an exhausting   shopping spree, sip on a delicious cappuccino at the charming courtyard café.

French Cultural Center

For a staple fare of beguiling European performing arts heritage, visit the French Cultural Center. This destination stages several musicals, dance concerts and theatrical performances. The in-house eatery is a great haunt for a quick rendezvous with friends. The center also features a well stocked library housing several masterpieces of Victorian literature. A must visit for culture aficionados.     

Ouagadougou is not exactly a haven for day trippers but there are some great cultural and natural hotspots to head to, for sampling the region’s wild charm and celebrated ethnic legacy.



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This ancient Mossi village is a short distance from another large reservoir north of the city.

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