Central Kalahari Game Reserve Travel Guide

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The spectacular sandy reserve was founded in 1961. The reserve surprisingly enough was not founded to protect any endangered animal but an endangered breed of man, the San Bushmen. The reserve was established to provide a home for the Bushmen in their ‘natural environment’, the only place they were able to survive. This unusual reserve is the second largest piece of desert land in the world, and is as such doubly precious. This reserve is made up of shimmering pans and golden grasslands situated in the Central Kalahari Desert. A few solitary mopane, camel thorn, the Kalahari apple and silver custer-leaf trees stand in isolation in this amazing sea of shimmering grass. Four fossil rivers twist and turn through this arid reserve. Among them is the dusty old watercourse that wound its way through the Northern Kalahari 16,000 years ago and is today known as Deception Valley - a brilliant game watching area. A variety of grasses, acacia, thorn trees and other tough drought resistant plants cover most of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Among the shallow valleys tsamma melons and gemsbok cucumbers are found and provide the main source of water for the animals and Bushmen during the dry season.

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