Sights in Benin

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When traveling through Nigeria, there are numerous Benin City sights you have to see. With the beautiful beaches, national parks, palaces and museums, you will have plenty to do and see while in Benin City, Nigeria.

Ogba Zoological Garden

Built as a reserve in 1965, the Ogba Zoological Garden is known for a number of different species of animals that are becoming rarer in parts of Africa. The gardens are now used as a serviceable leisure park with a solid instructional influence.

Oba’s Palace

Oba’s Palace has stood in the same place in Benin City for the past 700 years, although it has grown and receded in size many times since then. This palace is a sacred place that has been home to many of Benin City rulers. Many of the plaques found at Oba’s Palace are used as a source for learning the hierarchy, history and rituals. This is an amazing sight to visit while in Benin City.

Okada Wonderland

Okada Wonderland is the Nigerian counterpart to Disney World in the United States. Although it doesn’t have the facilities such as Disney, it does offer a distinctive zest that will please all fun seekers. The area is full of attractions and is abundantly landscaped to show off the beautiful environment. The Garden of Fame and Heroes is a museum located within Okada Wonderland and is loaded with bronze statues of Edo’s heroes.

Edegbake and Oghodoghodo Caves

Edegbake and Oghodoghodo caves are two prehistoric caves that are believed to be the ancient homes of early man. These caves are located near Fugar. The smaller cave, Edegbake, can hold about 50 people and has a small quiet stream running through it. Oghodoghodo can hold up to 200 people. Trekking through these caves can take you back in time and learn how prehistoric man lived. Other caves to explore are The Ede and Anagwu caves located in Igobo.

Edo State Festivals

Edo state has a very plentiful ritual of festivals and parties which the people celebrate for several different reasons. Some of these are to appease the various gods and goddesses, cleansing the land, to initiate men or women into adulthood or as a get together. More than 100 festivals are celebrated throughout Edo every year. Most of the festivals are open to tourists and sometimes they are asked to participate. Many of the most popular festivals are the Igue festival, Ukpe festival and the Iko festival. Masquerades are often enjoyed as well.

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