Shopping in Benin

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Benin City is the capital city of Edo State Nigeria, located at the mouth of the Benin River. Most Benin City Shopping is open-market places. The city itself is authentically Nigerian with few outside influences. Shoppers will find authentically Nigerian pieces. 

Dantokpa Market

Dantokpa Market is the largest market in Benin. Its operating hours are Monday through Saturday during the days. An interesting feature of this market is that it is located by a lagoon. This market sells clothing, food and ceramics. The clothing is handmade in traditional Nigerian design. The seamstresses make the designs using Dutch wax. One of their talents is making a Batik design on the garments. Another treasure that can be there is enamel bowls. Savvy shoppers can get a dish set for their home. For people on a limited budget this market is ideal for people looking to for grocery bargains. They have everything from local produce to imported items from Europe. People are surprised at the items available for purchase. 

Ganhi Market

Ganhi Market is a smaller version of Dantokpa Market minus the lagoon. The market is open Monday through Saturday and is closed on Sundays. Ganhi is a busier market then Dantokpa Market. People looking for a touch of Nigerian culture will find it here at Ganhi. This market is actually used more by residents then travelers.  People can also get a chance to visit with the residents of this small city as the Ganhi serves as a meeting place. It is filled with goods from local residents and has small cafes for people to catch their breath while shopping.   

Oba Market

Oba Market is another open air-market in Benin. One particular talent of Benin is bronze work. The art has been passed down since ancient times through the Benin people. This art is still practiced today. A number of handmade bronze pieces can be found in this market. In addition to bronze work there is a number of other items for sale. Food items, clothing and make-up are sold in this market. All the items are locally made by artisans. People coming to this market can start their trip by getting a cup of coffee from one of the stands at the side then window-shop around the market.

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