Senior Travel in Benin

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The Capital of Edo Nigeria is one of the oldest and most organized city in its country, even long before the British came in, and has now been reborn for modern Benin City senior travel. It’s now been made easier to go to Benin with its airport that serves a few flights from there to Lagos. You can also drive there from Lagos in 4 hours. Here are some tips for your travel:

Be Extra Careful at Night

Benin is not the safest city to walk around in at night. Try to veer attention away from yourself by not wearing too much jewelry or carrying an easily-snatched bag. Some streets are also not ideal to walk into at night. Stay in places where tourists and locals still tend to hang around in. Where there’s a crowd, there’s a safer chance you won’t get bamboozled. Be suspicious also of public vehicles that don’t have any other passengers especially buses and motor vehicles. It’s always better to be safe and continue the tour in the morning.

Visit Gun Street

The city of Benin was made known to the world because of the bronze and metal crafts. Products such as intricately cast masks, sculptures and trinkets all started out in a single shop in Gun Street, but quickly expanded to include the rest of the street where these specialty products can be bought. Once a royal privilege started by their king Ogiso Ere, bronze masks and other products were available to tourists.

Observe the Bronze-Casting Method from Craftsmen

Craftsmen who are well known for the said bronze products use a different method unlike commercial bronze casters. They use the ancient method of cire perdue, which means lost wax, a more tenuous and rigorous process than the usual. Visit a workshop and maybe you can talk them into letting you watch.

Try Their Authentic Palm Wine

Palm wine is a type of beverage made from the sap of different palm trees. Most local merchants have a great version of the palm wine, preserved the right way. Even if there are many varieties in stores, all bottled and ready to go, there’s no beating the local taste.

Visit the Zoological Garden

Just 3.7 miles (6 km) from Benin City, the Zoological Garden has a collection of different plants and animal species endemic to Nigeria. Do check them out for some educational refreshment and to relax after a tiring day in the city as well.

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