Grand popo Travel Guide

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fishermen in front hotel la maison blanche grand popo benin

fishermen in front hotel la maison blanche grand popo benin

Simone Di Stefano

Grand Popo is a delightful beach resort located in Benin, West Africa that is visited by tourists for its picturesquely stunning and clean beaches and palm tree fringed beach fronts.

Relax In the Sun

The expansive water coast provides the backdrop of a lovely vacation retreat to soothe your tired nerves. You won’t find the usual hustle-bustle that is characteristic of other popular holiday resorts in Africa. However if given a chance, Grand Popo has tremendous potential to offer its visitors a good time without taking the clichéd route. Tourists spend hours under the shade of the groves to watch the tranquil waves of Grand Popo’s beaches. Though there aren’t a lot of activities in the town, it is appealing due to its relaxed pace and laidback approach. Be aware that swimming, though not restricted, can be dangerous on account of the undertow being the most menacing at this end of the coast.

History and Culture

The town was once a bustling activity center during the slave trade era and was used extensively to transport slaves to faraway lands. Visitors can witness an account of Grand Popo’s legacy with a stroll around the Old Town area. There are still a few traces of the trade activity and cultural sharing in the form of ancient warehouses and disintegrating colonial structures. The Old Town is besieged by long-winding dusty paths, quaint concrete houses and friendly locals who will never forget to greet you. There is also a charming town side river and hold you breathe-an exotic voodoo temple on the banks of the river. Grand Popo also houses a Finnish-Beninese Cultural Center that acts as a cultural exchange center and provides a rendezvous point for Finnish artists on government grant. African and American movies are screened here on weekends.

Accommodations and Dining

There isn’t a huge array of accommodations to pick from,  but the ones available are pretty decent. Auberge Grand Popo is a nice homely place with a restaurant that serves good food at reasonable rates. Check out the house special frog legs that are available in monsoon. There is also a beautiful adjoining beach that creates an idyllic holiday ambiance. The service is warm and courteous. The hotel itself is expansive and spacious and reminds one of old European structures.

Grand Popo is a laid back, relaxing sort of location which makes it perfect for any getaway vacation.

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