Day Trips in Benin

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Taking Benin City day trips is an experience not to be missed, as you will get to see many exciting places. When you are visiting this African city, be sure to embark on the following day trips.

Walking the Walls of Benin

Your day trip experience should begin by visiting these ancient ruins, which were built between the 1200's up to the mid 1400's. Spreading over six thousand five hundred kilometers, these walls were constructed to demarcate the kingdom of Benin. Even though most of these walls were destroyed in the 1800's by British colonialists, part of them remain standing. The remaining deep trenches and walls have since been declared a protected area so as to preserve this historical site. The area is quite vast, and you need to get a good guide to take you around the best spots where you can take good pictures. You will be able to see how the ancient Benin Kingdom protected itself from enemies and how they marked out their territory.

What to Wear and Carry

This is an adventure that involves trekking through a very large area, so make sure you are equipped with the right clothing and gear. A good pair of hiking boots is essential, and make sure you carry a hat to shield you from the hot sun. Bottled water is essential as you will build up a sweat. Also, don't forget your digital camera to capture those precious memories.

Pass through Ancient Royal Grounds

Head to Abomey to get the chance of walking through what was once the royal palaces and grounds of various kings. They were constructed between 1625 and 1900. These palaces were built in one compound with the exception of King Akaba's, which had it's own compound. You will find them right in the center of the city. It is also recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Abomey Historical Museum

The Abomey Historical Museum is located within the palace grounds, and you will find all sorts of royal furniture, ornaments, artifacts and interior that is truly magnificent. You will be able to learn the history of the royals and how they used to perform the many important ceremonies. Thrones and royal clothing relating to that is on display at the museum. Be assured that you will not leave empty handed, as the local craftsmen sell their wares which include traditional cloths and other beautiful handcrafted souvenirs (which you can take home). The museum is open everyday from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m., and there are some restrictions regarding some sacred areas. This is a real exiting way to end your Benin City day trip.

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