Saurimo Travel Guide

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District Capital of Lunda Sul, Saurimo is a pleasant rural town with not much going for it. The town acts as a kind of crossroads as the main road from Luanda intersects here with the North-south road connecting Dondo in Lunda Norte(border crossing to DRC) with the province of Moxico. This has turned Saurimo into a bit of a truck stop as vehicles heading in from the coast(a 5 day journey) refuel & rest before heading north or south. This makes Saurimo a good place for hitching.

Accomodation is scarce but for a few kwanzas you can buy space on someones floor. Prices tend to be much higher this far inland as transport costs add as much as 50% to the Luanda price.

Trips made south of Saurimo need(at the time of visiting) to be done with some care as banditry is rife & local police contribute by expecting 'bakshish' at road check points etc. Despite these inconveniences the virgin bush of this part of Africa is extraordinary & the colourful local people make the visit worth while.




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