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Inland from Luanda, Malanje is a good starting point for visiting the Kalandula waterfalls - a spectacular site. 

Getting to Malanje can be done easily by plane (TAAG) from Luanda or by car on the brandnew highway.

Once arrived in the capital of the Province of Malanje you'll find a small town, calm and quite clean. Infrastructure is improving constantly. Communications (cellphone, telephone, internet) are accesable & with the Hotel "Palanca Negra" you can find a new and modern hotel. Unfortunately the managment does NOT have western standar. They cancel confirmed reservations without any notice. So you never can be sure to get the room you reserved!

The trip out to the falls via Lomba is tough. Around 50 km on a very bad road. Without a car your options are to hitch a ride on a truck or pay over the odds to a friendly local. No buses or taxis are available. The falls are a popular destination for local day trippers so a day or two of friendly networking should get you a ride.

The Kalandula falls themselves are an awesome sight & said to be Africa's third largest waterfalls. A short walk from the 'car park' takes you to the edge of sharp presipice over which the falls thunder casting showers of spray into the air. There are no facilities at the falls, maybe sometimes just a few kids selling warm coke & beer, & ,despite the day trippers, the wild bush & lack of pathways, barriers, & other tourist trappings give you an idea of how Livingston must have felt on arriving at Vic falls 150 years ago. If there is one out of the way place in Africa left to visit the Kalendulo Falls are it.

Another great site nearby Malanje are the "Pedras Negras", huge black stones. 70km on the road to Luanda you turn left (south) in the topwn of Cacuso. Then another 35km und you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. In GoogleEarth you have a fantastic view on them but the original for sure is much better.

(Impressions from my trip by car in January 2008)

Part or or all of this text stems from the original article at: Thomas Weber, Luanda


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