When to Go in Luanda

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In making your decision visit Luanda, when to go may be a concern in making your traveling plans. Luanda has decent weather most of the year but there are peculiar water currents that affect the rain. Throughout the year Luanda's weather is hot with a partly arid climate, but it has some a fair amount of breeze coming from the Benguela current. The temperatures between daytime and nighttime vary just a few degrees. Another interesting character of Luanda’s weather is the rainy season. It usually starts around mid-February and extends to the April. The 12.7 inches of rainfall it receives has a large variant of up to 40 percent from the normal. For its location and easy climate Luanda is a great place to vacation.

March through August

The fair weather season in Luanda allows you to see some amazing sites. Some places have been restored after the civil war. One fantastic place worth seeing is the Kissama National Park. With the rains causing the vegetation to bloom, it is beautiful. You will be captivated as the park rangers bring you to where the elephants and some of the big cats are returning.  Since the months from March to August are the coolest, many festivals like the Jazz Festival held in July are open-air. Another main event is the International Festival of Theater and Arts which is hosted around the middle of May.

September through February

The temperature at this time of the year is the hottest, so tourists come here to lie around on the beaches and soak up the sun. During the mornings or evenings is a nice time for a beachfront stroll. At this time of the year you can find many bars and clubs open until the morning hours as the locals and tourists dance to native Angolan music. The Angolan Music Festival is in full swing during the month of September. The festival participants play music from the slavery days added with a sprinkle of recent styles of Angolan music. During this season tour guides are in abundance and trips around the island to view the culture can be a real joyful experience. Exciting tours to take would include a tour to the Natural Museum of Anthropology and the Museum of Slavery.         

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