Things to do in Luanda

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In Luanda things to do include wildlife parks, museums, markets and monuments. Luanda has a coastline that stretches for miles offering beaches, fishing and water sports. There is also an abundance of wildlife including species that are only found in Angola. The terrain varies from forests to desert plains, which gives visitors plenty of options for exploring.

Kissama Game Park

This game park is situated in the south of Luanda. The park can be reached by the Kwansa River Bridge, and the journey to the game farm offers many things to see along the way. The park has options to stay overnight, since there are accommodations available. There are accommodation options with showers, air conditioning and televisions. At the park you can go on a safari ride to see all the animals with the help of a guide. Treks are a good way to explore and look for elephants. The park has programs in place to help restore wildlife and protect the animals on the reserve.


Mussulo is located in the south of Luanda. You can take a boat to Mussulo or travel there by 4x4. The boat trip is cheaper if you get more people to hire the boat with you.  The water at Mussulo is clear and the waves crash onto the white sandy beaches. Here you can escape from the city and relax on the beach away from the crowds. It is possible to see flamingos in this area. Mussulo is more expensive than other areas and accommodations and restaurants charge high prices.

Beneficia Market

Visit this vibrant bustling market and immerse yourself in the local culture. The market is unorganized but this just adds to the experience and leaves you to explore the stores to find hidden treasures. There are many wooden crafts on sale at this market.

National Museum of Slavery

The National Museum of Slavery is built where slaves were kept before they were taken to America or Brazil. This museum gives visitors insight into the history of slavery. There are many photos in the museum that depict the experiences of slaves. The museum is open 9am until 6pm.

Marginal Promenade

Taking a walk along the marginal promenade is a good way to see some of the city and its attractions. The walk offers views of Luanda bay and at the end you can see Forteleza Fort.

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