Sights in Luanda

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Luanda Sights comprising of a variety of tourist destinations, shopping plazas, visits to historical structures, sun-bathing in some its lovely beaches provide the tourists and vacationers with ultimate enjoyment. Some of its best tourist attractions include the following:

Mussolo Island

One of the most popular tourist hubs in Luanda is Mussolo island, a 50 kilometer strip of land stretching down the coast of Angola from Luanda. Away from the bustling and notorious traffic of Luanda city, Mussolo island is relaxing, and has a picturesque beauty of white sand beach lined with palm trees. With hotels and accommodations aplenty, the island is an ideal location for spending a few days of your vacation in peaceful bliss.

The Museo da Esclavatura

Standing alone on a barren rock overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Museo da Esclavatura or the National Slavery Museum was originally a church, later transformed into a museum. It stores the memories of thousands of slaves who were shipped to America by European colonizers. It definitely is one of the national treasures of Luanda.

Parque Nacional Da Kissama

Situated in the south of Luanda, Parque Nacional Da Kissama or popularly known as The National Game Park is one of the most fascinating spots for tourists. Here, you can catch glimpses of a spectrum of wild animals including dwarf buffalo, bush buck or water buck, roan antelope, elephants, rhinos, turtles etc. in all their grandeur. You can take adventurous safari tours inside the park. Besides, accommodation arrangements are also there in case if you want put up. However, during the monsoon from around October to March, this park remains closed.

Fortaleza de São Miguel

During the colonial rule, a host of Portuguese structures and monuments mushroomed in Angola. The well-maintained among them is a white fort called Fortaleza de São Miguel. Built in the 17th century, this fort preserves many historically valuable relics like cannons and the prison cells for slaves.

Santiago and Palmeirinhas Beaches

Many beaches such as Ilha, Santiago, Palmeirinhas and Massula, etc. are located around Luanda bay. Santiago beach, located about 46 kilometers north of Luanda is excellent for fishing and sunbathing. Palmeirinhas, on the other hand is a long and lonely beach situated 45 kilometers south of Luanda. It is plush for its beautiful panoramic view. You may indulge in fishing here. Ilha and Massula beaches are also famous for natural scenery.

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