Senior Travel in Luanda

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Luanda senior travel offers much for aged travelers to explore within Africa. The city is situated along the Atlantic coast of Angola. The beaches are nearby as well as short rides to local attractions. The city features many ways to travel around Luanda for senior travel.

Attractions in Luanda

Arriving in Luanda is easy through the many flights that are offered out of the international airports around the world. When entering into Luanda, the tall obelisk structure can be noticed which stands above many other buildings within the city. Visiting the Augostinho Neto Mausoleum is a great Luanda senior travel tourist spot. Viewing the relics and tiles that adorn the walls of the Foraleza de Sao Miguel is another tourist spot that seniors definitely should not miss. Details of the city’s history can be found as well as cannons and slaves’ holding cells used throughout colonial rule. See the Fortaleza de Sao Pedro da Barra, a fortress that stands today in Luanda. Statues are located outside for tourists to visit while touring the grounds. The fort has ornate tiled walls featuring many beautiful pictures of local animals and scenery.


For seniors interested in learning about the history of Luanda, the National Museum of Natural History offers many displays of animals that have walked the area in previous times. Many endangered and extinct animals, fish, insects and birds are available for seniors to view when traveling to Luanda. The National Museum of Anthropology has an array of features that showcase the history of Luanda’s people and culture. There are many artifacts available for senior travel to Luanda to view and learn about this city’s rich heritage.


Traveling to Luanda also offers the most fabulous beaches available for sunbathing or other activities. Seniors are not going to want to miss the beaches along Luanda bay which also offer the shores along Mussulo Island. This beach is upscale and can be accessed through a boat or ferry ride from the marina within Luanda.

Cultural Tours

For all Luanda senior travel tourists, there are tours that offer a little bit of everything. Electing to view the Portuguese fort from the 16th century, the many museums that Luanda offers, as well as the National Monument is available for booking. These also feature excursions to the US Embassy in addition to the numerous antique churches throughout Luanda. Additional attractions are also available for visiting while traveling to Luanda.

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