Festivals in Luanda

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Just like the rest of Africa, the ancient Angolan civilization also has a large number of traditional Luanda festivals, which have come down through the centuries completely unbroken. Not only are they a fascinating glimpse into the great civilizations which flourished here, but they are also joyous, and extremely memorable experiences. So for all those intrepid travelers, traveling to Luanda who want to enjoy the magic of Luanda festivals, here is the list of the national festivals and celebrations which you would not want to miss.

Luanda Jazz Festival and Other Festivals

The Luanda Jazz Festival is held in July as is Feira Internacional de Angola. Independence Day celebrations offer colorful and popular celebrations, enjoyed by one and all in Luanda in November. You might also want to enjoy Luanda Day or Martyrs of Colonial Repression in January.

Carnival and Celebration Days

February is remembered for the armed struggle against colonial repression and it was on April 4 when cease-fire was declared and Civil War was ended. You are definitely not going to miss Carnival, which ends on the day before Ash Wednesday every year. Be prepared to celebrate Christmas starting from Christmas Eve until early January of the coming year.

Dance and Music

Some of the important art and cultural festivals are definitely going to consist of lots of song and dance and music, so you should not be surprised that the first international jazz festival was held in Luanda a short time ago.

Carnivals and Fairs

Thanks to the Portuguese influence, you can enjoy the carnivals and the fairs. In July, a religious freedom Festival is held in Luanda, where members of different faiths from all over the world come to celebrate the hope of religious freedom on earth.

Important Tips

Before you join in the festive celebrations, remember not to take photos of native Angolans, in front of the police. This is just for your own safety. Also keep a cell phone always with you, so that you can communicate with your group or your family when necessary.

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