Family Travel Ideas in Luanda

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In Luanda Family Travel can be an eye-opener with its focus on the bygone days of slavery and the rich archaeological significance of Africa. And of course, there’s the famous baobab tree that will make the kids gawk.

National Museum of Slavery

Museums are always a big hit with kids and adults with inquiring minds. This one is housed in a lovely colonial chapel and outlines the history of the slave trade in Angola. From 1550 to 1836, Luanda used to be the center of a massive slave trade.

The slaves were baptized in the chapel before being sent to America by the Portuguese colonists. The building on top of a rock overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is sheltered by a fascinating baobab tree.

The Baobab Tree – a Must-See

Drive out of Luanda to see the towering Baobab trees. They’re almost Gothic looking with their immense fat trunks and convoluted branches and they can be thousands of years old.

The tree can grow up to 98 feet and is native to Angola’s Mayombe forest. It can store 120,000 liters of water, making it indispensable in times of drought. The baobab is considered sacred. The locals believe that if a dead man is buried inside the trunk (which can reach a diameter of 29 feet), he’ll live as long as the tree.  

Every part of the baobab is used by the people: its leaves for medicine, fruit for bowls, its seeds and roots as food. Ropes and thread are made from the trunk, and cloth and paper from the fire-resistant bark. Seeing these trees up close will make Luanda Family Travel a memorable experience.

National Museum of Natural History

There is a huge collection of animal species in this museum, some of which are endangered and even extinct. You’ll see birds, insects, fish, crustaceans and much more.

Mussulo Island

Just 10 km from Luanda, this paradise with a 50 km strip of clean white sand and blue waters and even flamingoes, is a paradise your family will love. It’s not an island but a peninsula which runs along the coast of Angola from Luanda.

It is expensive to stay and dine here, but you can bring along a picnic lunch and spend the day on a beautiful deserted beach. Take some time to unwind and relax during your Luanda Family Travel.

National Museum of Anthropology

Discover the history and culture of Angola in this museum with its traditional masks (who hasn’t heard of the famous masks of Africa?), sculpture, art, clothing, jewelry, musical instruments, weapons and more. Entry is free.

Some Safety Considerations

Avoid venturing into the slums or going out alone at night. Keep the doors of your car locked and don’t dress fancily or wear business attire. The well-heeled can attract pick-pocketers and muggers even in the colonial areas. 

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