Eating Out in Luanda

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When considering visiting Luanda, Eating Out will not be a problem as there are many choices in Angola's biggest city and most happening tourist destination. The range of cuisines and ambiances will ensure that you never get bored and never have to go to the same place twice if you don't want to.

Beachfront Dining

A backpackers' favorite is Caribe, a lovely beach-side restaurant-bar where the staff are amicable and the food is excellent. You can eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack or just have a few drinks. Positioned right on the beachfront, there are plenty of deck chairs and sun beds available for your use. Another beach option is a superb Chinese restaurant called Macau where you can enjoy the sea breeze on the luxurious veranda. At the entrance to this establishment are local people practicing traditional African crafts, which is a nice touch.

O Cantinho Dos Comandos

This delightfully atmospheric eaterie is located in the old quarter of the city, Cidade Alta, and is themed along the lines of the special forces of the Angolan Army. It is also nearby the Presidential Palace, itself a great place to visit. For just $10-20 you can enjoy an excellent meal of traditional Angolan food which is very much influenced by Portuguese cuisine. You can also enjoy the wireless internet available across the premises here. Sports lovers will enjoy the two big screens showing major football tournaments. Luanda - Eating Out at O Cantinho Dos Comandos will be extra fun during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Calling All Seafood Lovers

Angola is known for its glorious array of fish and seafood. There's no better place to sample this than Cebo Ledo, a large beach-based open-air restaurant where you place your order and someone goes off to catch it. It doesn't get much fresher than that! Sometimes the waiting time can be long but the quality of the food, especially the big lobsters, is worth it. The recommended fish are whitebait, sole and grouper.

A Good All-Rounder

Run by an avid Portuguese fisherman and his wife, Restaurant Lua Nova looks like some boarded-up house and is therefore easy to miss. If you do find it though, you will find it is one of the real highlights of the Luanda experience. When you order dishes such as choco (squid) be prepared for enormous portions cooked to perfection in the brick oven and served with olive oil, chili sauce and rice. Other favorites include grouper fillet which can be cooked to order: battered, grilled or fried.

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