Day Trips in Luanda

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Luanda is as attractive with its scintillating wild natural beauty as it is with its commercially throbbing industrial frenzy. The Luanda Day Trip guide offers visitors information on the best options for day trips in this pleasant Angolan Capital.

IIha do Mussulo  (Mussulo Island)

This picturesque island is the reason most visitors come to Luanda. The charming beach getaway has tourists thronging here to glimpse its pristine coastal waters in the backdrop of a breathtaking crimson sunset. The destination features beautiful narrow pathways and a nice garden area along with several sun beds and beach-side shacks selling amazing local fare. Have lunch at one of the restaurants serving a sumptuous buffet. Numerous vendors serve ice-cream and snacks as well.

Rio Longa

Rio Longa, located on the tip of the River Longa on the Western Coast of Angola, at approximately 150 kilometers to the south of Luanda is a pristine and peaceful retreat built beneath a huge Makalani Palms canopy. There is an entertainment zone along with luxurious safari tents to beat the heat and relax with all modern amenities albeit with a natural twist. The Kwanza Tarpon, located at about 70 kilometers from Luanda also boasts of a pleasant natural getaway amidst lush vegetation on the banks of Kwanza River.

The Game begins

A trip to Luanda is not consummated without visiting the Kissama Game Park, a sprawling ecological reserve of Angola’s fascinating flora and fauna. Take an exciting early morning or late afternoon day safari to catch wild elephants, crocodiles, wolves, zebras, antelopes and a host of other wild animals in their true natural glory. The best way to travel to the park is to take the thrilling Kwansa bridge route. It accentuates the adventurous spirit and sets the momentum for an eventful game viewing trip.

National Slavery Museum

The National Slavery Museum is located a few kilometers outside Luanda and offers a fascinating account of the slave trade in the region. There are several items and records chronicling the patterns and traditional of the slave trade. Watch interesting snapshots of the era along with replicas of ships in which the slaves were transported to other lands. There are costumes, household objects and weapons belonging to the slave trade era. The site of the museum is where slaves waited to be transported to Brazil.

Luanda has an array of day trip options to suit visitors of all genres. It transforms from a wild, natural ecological hotspot to a buzzing commercial port with remarkable dexterity.

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