Budget Travel Ideas in Luanda

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Now that you are in Luanda and are looking for the best way to enjoy your trip, while making sure that it is not extremely expensive, here are some of easy ways in which you can enjoy your holiday to Luanda on a Luanda budget travel .

Places around Luanda

First of all, it is extremely easy for you to look for places around the Luanda, which you can enjoy without spending too much money. In fact, one of the most famous game parks in Angola, Kissama, is slowly gaining a name for itself in Africa as a result of a wildlife project. So if you are interested in the environment and its conservation remember to make sure that this game Park is in your itinerary.

Mussulo Islands

Once in Luanda, you might want to see the Mussulo Islands, which is where the people of Luanda spend their weekends. So we are going to be looking at a place where we can enjoy the sun and the sand completely free, especially when we do not have to pay anything for diving and swimming in the sea. The islands provide one of the most beautiful picnic spots in Angola and is well known for it is extremely beautiful scenic beauty.

Quicama National Park

Here is another place which you will want to visit when you are on budget travel in Luanda. Your itinerary should include the Quicama National Park, which is a must-see for bird watchers--especially interested in migratory birds and indigenous species. Animals within the park include elephants, elands, rhinos, antelopes, water bucks, buffalo’s manatees and marine turtles. This park offers a lot to see for a very small admission charge. The park also features beaches to visit and lodging on site.

Museums in Luanda

Luanda features many museums, including the Anthropology Museum and Natural History Museum. The history and culture of Luanda is also featured with many artifacts and presentations of this regions within previous times.

Among the other budget locations in Luanda, make sure to visit the the mausoleum that stands in clear view over the city of Luanda, that was built to remember Augustinho Neto. There are also many forts and historical locations available for visitation while in Luanda. Some museums charge nominal fees for tourists to visit and a few are no cost. These locations offer plenty to a budget-wise traveler who is eager to learn about the history and culture of Luanda.

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