Beaches in Luanda

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Welcome to Luanda beaches. There are many beaches that offer beautiful scenery and landscapes of Luanda. The journey to this region in Africa provides many offerings for the whole family while basking in the sun. These beaches of Luanda are positively popular tourist locations which provide much to do and see while visiting

Mussulho Beaches

One of the surprising things is that many tourists visiting Luanda do not know that it has a large number of unexplored beaches which are full of scenic beauty and an exotic coastline. So here is some information on the beaches, where you can relax and enjoy a picnic. First of all, visit the Mussulho beaches for private relaxation. These are rather upscale but tourists do not have to worry about not finding a place in the sun on these islands near Luanda. Arriving at these islands by boat is required and that is the reason why a large number of Luandans come here to enjoy the sun and the sand on the weekends. This is one tourist location which tourists are slowly and steadily discovering.

Ilha de Luanda

Ilha de Luanda is another beach near Luanda, which is getting extremely popular with tourists. In this locations, tourists might find very expensive autos here, and on the other hand, there are also budget restaurants. So, consider the Ilha de Luanda to be one of the places where there is something for everyone.

East Beach

East Beach is also getting to be an important tourist destination for people who are looking for plenty of sun and sand and uninterrupted views of scenic beauty. Coming here for a picnic is recommended for 1 day out of the week to do a little bit of swimming, boating and diving.

Praia de Santiago and Cabo Ledo

Praia de Santiago is the beach near Luanda where large number of boat wrecks are to be found. Cabo Ledo is about 75 km away from Luanda, going past Benfica Luanda Sul and the Kwanzaa river. Definitely this beach is among the most pristine undiscovered beaches, where you can rent out a cabana or eat in a restaurant on the beach.

There are plenty of Luanda beaches which offer plenty of opportunities to embark upon any type of adventure that you wish to enjoy. That means enjoying the holiday on the Luanda beaches on days throughout the week for pleasure in the sun. The beaches of Luanda offer the latest in restaurants, shopping, and play areas for the entire family.

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