Bars and Cafes in Luanda

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Luanda bars and cafes offer something for every traveler. The bars and cafes of Luanda offer a popular spot to hook up to the internet or just sit and enjoy people watching in a new location. Local bars offer entertainment to enjoy.

Spots Near Ilha de Luanda

If holidaying near the Ilha de Luanda, it is possible that you are going to end the day by drinking at one of the most popular bars and cafés of Luanda - the café Del Mar. This is mainly a bar in uptown Ilha de Luanda but you need to come here just for the spectacular view of the sea. Make sure that you are drinking some caipirinha as you watch the sunset. Snacking on pizzas and sandwiches is part of the main fare at this location. Apart from this, native people of Luanda come here for Sunday brunch. If visiting during the right season, there may be a football match on the television. 

Apart from this bar and café, you can also make a choice between the Tambarino Restaurant and Bar, which is situated in the Rua Cabral and the Teatro Elinga.

Reopening the Favorite Hot Spot

A couple of years ago, there was a really huge party held at the Teatro Elinga, because it was closing down the next day. But it has started up again, and is one of the most popular tourist spots of Luanda in the evening. Not only can you get plenty of good drinks here, but you are also going to enjoy summer nights, reggae, electro-, jazz, blue, house, concerts and art shows. Even the Rastafarians of Angola have decided that this is going to be their Moulin Rouge! And if you are missing your countrymen, you are going to find embassy, UN, as well as ONG people congregating here in the evenings.

Luanda’s Best Kept Secret

The Tambarino is considered one of Luanda's best well-kept secrets because unless you know where you to find it, you are going to miss it. But, once you are here, you are going to get the best wine selection in Luanda and extremely delicious Portuguese and international cuisine. So, this bar and restaurant is a great place to go when you are hungry.

Entertainment Worth the Price

If you are in Viana, the place to visit is the Terraco Restaurant and Bar. Be sure to visit it on Friday and Sunday when you are going to enjoy the Karaoke music along with a buffet dinner. You need to pay an entrance fee of 1500 kwanzas, but it is well worth the entertainment.

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