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accommodation in Luanda

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In an already difficult city, there is not an abundance of hotels in Luanda, Angola. Luanda hotels that provide western style accommodations are expensive and you do not always get what you pay for.  Hotels here are overpriced because of supply and demand. The booming oil business has created an influx of business people and there simply are not enough hotel rooms. The more pleasant hotels are outside the center of the city.

Le Presidente Luanda is one of your options for a nights stay. Slightly outside of town, basic rooms have clean beds and bathrooms with decent towels and hot water. You are still within walking distance to the bars and restaurants in Isla. Highlights are sunbathing on the roof and drinking cocktails.

People who make repeat visits to Luanda on business (and have expense accounts) like to stay at the Hotel Tropico. This hotel is over $300 USD per night. Clean and reliable the Hotel Tropico has a fitness room, wireless internet and decent food. Be especially vigilant with your bags and try not to carry any at all.

Around $200 per night Hotel Continental is not too bad. Staff is helpful and efficient. An added bonus is that they accept credit cards, many do not. Clean and functional the rooms have a minibar, safe, TV and endless hot water. The fitness room has a treadmill and other machines. Breakfast is included in the rate of the room and consists of fruit, pastries and tasty coffee.

Above average and more than $200 per night is the Alvalade Hotel. This pleasant hotel will surprise you with their swift check-in and English speaking staff. The double standard rooms have TV with English channels and comfortable beds. Clean towels and sheets everyday are an added bonus. Complimentary chocolates and a turndown service every evening. The hot water here is very hot.

Would you like to go fishing?  In the outskirts of Luanda and directly on the Kwanza River is the Kwanza Tarpon Lodge. Wood cabins have queen sized beds, indoor plumbing and a deck that overlooks the river. Expect hot water and electricity 24 hours a day. Meals are served buffet style and include meat and fish accompanied by a colorful assortment of fresh vegetables. Reserve your room ahead of your arrival because Kwanza Tarpon Lodge is popular with local fishermen. Meals are included but drinks and fishing cost extra. Located 70 km from Luanda, take a right before the Kwanza Bridge on the way to Barro do Kwanza.

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Residencial MIRAMAR

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Luanda, MIRAMAR, Feo Torres str., nº 20
+2 44923 795079;  +2 44923 314362



It would be desirable to notice, that the easiest way to reserve our room (rooms) is to do a prepayment.


You can pay by sending a prepayment to GRIJOCA,Lda by bank transfer to account nº. 513/17649598/32/001, bank code: BFA, SWIFT CODE: BFMXAOLU.

You (or your representative in Angola) also can pay cash. We do not accept credit cards, checks or money orders.


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type:Middle Class
World66 rating: [rate it]
accessibility:very good
tel:+2 44923 314362
address:Angola, Luanda, MIRAMAR