Tlemcen Travel Guide

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Tlemcen panoramic view from Lalla Setti hills

Tlemcen panoramic view from Lalla Setti hills


Tlemcen is located in th east of Algeria just south of Oran. Traditionally Tlemcen head closer cultural ties with Fez in Morocco than with other Algerian cities.

The roots of Tlemcen go far back in history, but most of what you see today is of failry recent origin. The town is a nice mixture of Islamic and French architecture. One of the major sights of Tlemcen is the Mosque and the Tomb of Sidi Bou Mediene. The Ville Nouvelle, the French part of the city rates among the nicest in the whole of North Africa. The climate is also one of the attractions of Tlemcen. It's a lot cooler here than in Oran because of the altitude. Even though this place is very cool, let me warn you that there are still risks visiting here. Bandits live in the South and have kidnapped tourists before, so be careful and tread lightly...

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