Timimoun Travel Guide

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kheddar mohamed

Timimoun is in the middle of a region called Gourrara itself part of the Big Western Erg (Grand Erg Occidental).

Timimoun is an oasis rounded by the Sahara Desert. its architecture looks like the malian one. Salvery was prohibited very late in Timimoun.

There is an old market and an ancient hostel built by the French in 1921 called l' "Oasis Rouge". Today, that hostel is became an cultural center.

The main resource is tourism and agriculture. The palm grove is famous abroad and is a lovely and lively place where the people make grow vegetables.

Because African believes are very present, you could see qobbas, buidling dedicated to the marabout.

The old part of the town is called ksour (plural: ksar).


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