Timgad Travel Guide

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Timgad is located in the east of Algeria, some 35 km from Batna. It is one of the most impressive roman ruins of the east of Algeria. Timgad was constructed by emperor Trajan in AD 100 as a bastion against the Berbers in the Aurès Mountains. During its heyday the city had many shops, taverns and craftsmen selling from their own stalls, as well as a forum in the centre of town, and a theatre just south of this.

The region was a fertile agricultural area, lying 1,000 metres above sea level, with plenty of water running down from the mountainous hinterland and agriculture was the main source of income for the city.

Although the Roman city has been sacked several times by the Berbers, there is still a good deal to see here. A lot of Timgad is therefore in perfect condition. At least all that is below half a metre high. Some high constructions, like the theatre and Trajan's Arch still stand. The theatre is used for happenings up to this very day.


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