Festivals in Tamanrasset

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nomade festival at nomade village in tazrouk 160 km by tamanrasset , it s every year in the first wedensdy in augost  mounth , for 2 days , nomade came's from all the oasis of desert , in salah, djanet, ghat in lybia, tamanrasset, tinzaouaten, adrar, in ghezam, tamasna in niger and more .... and also , europeen tourists , from france , germany, italy .... tazrouk it's nice village with gardes and is the hit village in algeria 1900 from the sea  , and sweet fruits , reasain, abricots, melon,apels,

the nomades and touaregs take thay nice locals costumes and make great festival , rides camels , ands camels dances with ladts songs , in great landscapes ,

you need local guide to go there by 4x4 or camels tour in 10 days , contact www.guide-sahara.com

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