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Accommodation in Tamanrasset

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Hotels in the very far south are extremely limited. In Tamanrasset, better-class hotels have been built since the oasis became a fashionable winter resort. Room availability is, however, limited.

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You can stay overnight at a very basic guest house attached to a hermitage run by Trappist monks. The hermitage itself sits atop the eroded stump of a volcano 9 000 ft/2 700 m high—the view is superb. Be sure to go into the very simple chapel where a crudely carved crucifix is the only symbol of faith (animal skins on the floor provide seating and candles and tiny windows provide light). The simplicity fits the environment perfectly.

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tam center

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hallo , you like spend time with local family from tamanrasset , directly contact with peapole , local food , in local atmospher , so contact local guide in tamanrasset www.guide-sahara.com

type:Lodging houses
World66 rating:[rate it]
accessibility:max 6 pax
CostOfDoubleForANight:30 Euros
address:bp 282 sersouf tam