Top 5 Must Do's in Setif

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The second-largest country in Africa, Algeria stretches from the Mediterranean coast deep into the scorching Sahara. The Atlas Mountains separate the country into two contrasting areas with the area to the north of the mountains, the coastal area that includes the city of Algiers, being more popular with tourists than the much hotter Sahara which occupies more than four-fifths of the country. Sétif, existing since Roman times and located at an elevation of 1,100m, experiences a cool climate because of its location at higher elevation.

The following is World 66 Top Activities to do in Setif:

Leisurely Walk through the City Centre

Take a walk through the city centre and visit the local casbahs, mosques, and ancient ruins. There are plenty of sidewalk stands selling local art, shawls, jewelry, and crafts.  Many cafes are closed during mid day for siesta, but you can stop in for early morning tea or a late evening snack.  If you would like a guide, ask an employee in a shop or a restaurant rather than a local on the street (thieves abound!), and agree on a price beforehand. Finally, make sure their English is good enough to deliver a compelling, pleasant tour.

Setif Amusement Park

A huge amusement park has been built in Setif and is a must-see for all tourists. The park, one block away from the main street, occupies half of the centre of Setif. Much of the local attention and activities are connected to this park, and the area is well-kept and clean. There is also an artificial lake, fountain, and a small zoo for children. Directly west to the park are the ruins of a Byzantine fortress, and to the east a reputable archeological museum.

Attend an ESS Soccer Game

Setif is known for is dynamic soccer players. Catch an ESS Soccer game during your time in Setif and you’ll be glad you did. The team plays year round. Visit the local tourist office to get times and dates. Or you can just sit in during an afternoon practice.

Visit the Atlas Mountains

There are several resorts in the Atlas Mountains and tours are offered into the Sahara. Check out the local tourist office in Setif city center. For a few hundred dollars, you can get an all expenses paid tour into the mountains, including food, accommodation, and your own local tour guide.

See the Casbah and the Court of the Great Mosque

The Casbah and the Court of the Great Mosque in Setif are a must see for all tourists! You can arrange for a local guide or just pay someone on the street to tell you the stories behind these ancient monuments.

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