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Oran is not far west off 0 degrees longitude in-line with London. Oran is Algerias' second largest, important and busiest city with approximately 1 million inhabitants. It is located on the coast of Algeria by the Meditteranean Sea.

Orans' international airport is located a few miles south of the city-centre and is named Oran Es-Senia airport as it is situated in the village of Es-Senia (a suburb of Oran). Airlines flying into Oran Es-Senia include Air Algerie, Air France, Air Lib...

Those who prefer journeys by sea or need to take a vehicle abroad can use the boat services from the main ports in Oran. There are constant ferries to Spain and France and a few other countries but the top destination is Alicante.

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Air Algerie

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Algeria's main airline.

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