Eating Out in Oran

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Eating out after coming back in the evening from a tiring wonderful day at the beach is the perfect way to end the day in the summer. These days there are so many restaurants and cafes in Oran serving a wide variety of food. Oran's popular food is Karantika which is basically mashed chickpeas with eggs (...and well i dont know the exact recipe). There are numerous cafes along the coast (front de mer) where it's best to have a refreshing glass of 'etey' (mint tea) or an ice cream whilst admiring the fascinating scenery. There is a wonderful clash of landform where right on the coast is a large mountain (Santa Cruz - see for pics) that can be seen from most parts of oran and beside it is the tranquile sea.

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El Firdaous

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One of Oran's poshest restaurants situated in Miramar not far from the coast. This restaurant is wonderful and you can eat there very well because people is very nice with you. You can glaub me because it's the restaurant of my family

type:First Class
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address:Miramar, Oran

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