Jijel (Roman Igilgili) Travel Guide

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la plage

la plage


City in northeastern Algeria with 115,000 inhabitants (1998 census), situated on the Mediterranean Sea in the region Corniche. It is the capital of Jijel province with 640,00 inhabitants (2002 estimate) and an area of 2,577 km². Jijel is the administrative and trade centre for a region specializing in cork processing, leather tanning and steel making. Local agriculture produces especially citrus fruits and grains. Fishing is also of great importance. Tourism (mainly Algerians) are attracted to Jijel for its beautiful nature, fine sand beaches and a casino. Due to the rugged landscape, Jijel is slightly isolated, but it is connected by road to large cities like Bejaïa (96 km west), Setif (135 km southwest) and Constantine (150 km southeast). Jijel is built along modern patterns with wide streets framed by trees. The surrounding nature is unusually beautiful, dominated by dense cork-oak forest. A peninsula lies right out from the coast and there is a citadel to the north.


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