In Guezzam Travel Guide

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In Guezzam is on the border with Niger. There are reports on this border still being closed, which means that the situation is unchanged for the 4th year. The main reason for this is that there in Niger has been serious upheavals, and the border has been closed by the Algerian authorities in order to prevent importing the same sentiments to Algeria. The upheavals are from Tuareg side, a people that has large numbers in southern Algeria as well.

At the Algerian side, there are air flight between In Guezzam and Tamanrasset, as well as a weekly bus. At the Niger side of the border there are public communications between Arlit (200 km south of the border town of Assamakka) and the principal city of Agadez. The road from Arlit to Assamakka is piste, unsurfaced, but OK even for normal cars, though this route makes most sense if setting out in a 4WD.

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