Borj Mokhtar Travel Guide

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Borj Mokhtar, not really a town, is the on the border with Mali, it is on the road to Gao. Borj Mokhtar has an air strip, and you can advance seriously by taking a plane to/from Adrar in Algeria, but these leave only once in a while.

Note that crossing the border, involves paying taxes, and out here French Francs is the best currency. Also note that if you are setting out on the journey in your own vehicle, there is something like 500 km between every place to get gaz, food and water. Also note that this region has been tormented by upheavals from the Tuareg side, strongest in Niger, but we get so rarely reports out of the region, that we recommend you to check all this well in advance.

Coming from Mali, the first place that seem to exist even without the help of military presence, is Reggane (650 km from Borj Mokhtar), a place that has nothing to offer. From Reggane you head north to Adrar (125 km), or take the route to the east, where you will end up in Ma'in after 250 km

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