When to Go in Algiers

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As a traveler, you want to be aware of the weather and climate of your vacation destination. When planning a trip to a city in Africa, like Algiers, when to go during the year is very important. The continent of Africa is known for being very humid and hot. However, several places do become cold and have dry air. Algiers is the capital of Algeria and has a population over a million. It has climate mixture of warm and dry summers and mild and wet winters.

Difference of Seasons

The winter and spring seasons are very calm. The hours of sunlight are very few compared to those during the summer season. The rainfall during December and January is the highest among all the seasons. Though it only totals about four inches per day, it is just enough to affect the weather of the day. From January to May, there is an average of 41 days of all-day rain, which equals 14 inches. As you get closer to the summer months, the rainfall begins to slow, and it virtually falls to zero.

June to October has the lowest amount of rain, but the highest temperatures. The weather can be a bit rough during the day and may cause you to cancel any outdoor plans. June and July are the serve months. They produce the hottest days.

When to Go

The best time to visit the city is during the autumn months, August to October. They have the lowest amount of rainfall and the temperatures are tolerable.


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