Sights in Algiers

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La baie d'Alger

La baie d'Alger


Although there are not many specific sights in Algiers, the city is quite pretty. Most of the old buildings are found in the Casbah.

The Casbah of Algiers is small, but in the houses towering over the narrow winding streets about 100.000 people live. The area has a long histroy of popular unrest: the Algerian war of independence started here. During the years that followed the annulation of the elective process the FIS was set to win, the area became rather unsafe. Foreigners were advised not to visit the Casbah.

Things seem a bit better now, and the Casbah is still one of the most interesting parts of the city. The thing to do in the casbah is just to wander around the small streets and enjoy the medieval atmosphere.


There are many Algiers Sights that commemorate the religion and the national heritage of this country. Most of the sights are monuments that depict important events that shaped the history of this African nation. 

The Maquan E Chahid

The Maquan E Chahid or the Martyr's Monument, is the home of the Eternal Flame. This monument commemorates the people who died during Algiers' war for Independence. The construction of the monument was finished on 1982, just 20 years after the independence of this nation.

Tourists can get to the Maquan E Chahid by taking Autoroute Du Nord.

Notre Dame d' Afrique- Basilica of Algiers

This Roman Catholic church is built on a cliff some 400 feet above sea level. The basilica was inaugurated in 1872 and has an impressive view on Algiers Bay. Some people say that the Basilica of Algiers was built to counter the church building Notre Dame d' Paris.

Tourists from all over the world love to visit this church and to enjoy the amazing Neo-Byzantine style. Tourists can also visit the church to attend mass that is given in French.

Algiers Botanical Garden

The Algiers Botanical Garden is one of the most impressive gardens of Algiers.  The garden has a wide display of tropical flora. There are three different sections of the garden: the American section, the French section and a zoo. 

The zoo is home to a 100-hectare fores, and what makes it even more appealing is its distance from the blue sea--50 meters.

The botanical Garden address is on Mahmoud Boudjatit Avenue, Algiers.

Hoggar Mountains

These mountains run all the way to the nation of Libya. The mountains are made from a plateau of volcanic rock and the granite cliffs give it a pinkish color. Tourists can visit the mountains and enjoy the vastness of their size. There are two rivers and a small town.

Explorers found paintings on a cave in the mountain. The mountains are south of Algiers.

Ben Aknoun Zoo

This zoo is on Route Du Kardouz Draria, Algiers. The zoo houses many species of monkeys, tigers, African elephants and camels. The zoo has different types of terrain such as canyons, forests and hills, making this one of the best Algiers sights. The varied landscapes and animals provide the perfect atmosphere for families to discover the beauty of Algiers.

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