Shopping in Algiers

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The Algiers Shopping experience is truly enthralling. Algiers offers a wide range of shopping opportunities. This includes some of the new, swanky malls that have come-up around the city center. However, most people will agree that the true Algiers shopping experience is all about the native offerings.

What to Expect

Algiers is widely regarded as the best place to pick-up small gifts or souvenirs. The streets are filled with local artisans and native handicrafts. Algiers is particularly popular for its leather. This includes small rugs and handbags of all sizes. Shoppers can also look forward to a vast range of brass items and bronze jewelry. Further, nearly every province in Algeria has a typical manner of making carpets. Being the capital city, Algiers is the most sough-after marketplace for such creations. Many of these carpets are regularly exported to European fashion houses.

Other local fares that are perennially popular with shoppers include pottery items and colored glass pieces. Algiers also offers a wide range of ceramics, which form a substantial portion of the country's annual exports. Another popular item is exotic basket-work. Baskets from far-off regions of Africa are sold here. There are some, state-controlled shops in Algiers. However, visitors are still advised to bargain for better prices—bargaining is customary when shopping in Algeria. There is no limit to the kind of bargaining visitors can do. The difference between the initially-quoted price and the bargained price can be unbelievable.

Algiers Shopping Hours

Shopping hours begin from 9 a.m. and cease for mid-day prayers beginning at 12 noon. Shopping hours resume from 2 p.m. onwards, up to 7 p.m.

Shopping should be avoided on Fridays. This is mainly due to Islamic traditions that reserve Fridays for praying and other religious activities. Very few shops remain open on Friday, mostly selling necessities like vegetables.

Didouche Mourad Street

This is perhaps the most popular shopping zone for visitors. The small alleys are lined with stalls selling native offerings. The Didouche is particularly renowned for its range of imported goods from the neighboring Saharan nations.

Shopping for Books—Librairie des Beaux

This is among the handful of shops in Algiers that have an impressive collection of international authors. Visitors can also shop for local maps here, and this is an excellent shop to pick-up cheap books explaining the history of Algeria. The shop is located in Lower Town, 28 Didouche Mourad.

Branded Shopping

If you are looking to pick-up goods of some particular brand, it is better to approach the more upmarket shopping areas. This includes the bigger shops in the Belouizdad Quarter and the supermarkets managed by Carrefour.

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