Senior Travel in Algiers

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This Algiers senior travel guide will provide pointers for senior citizens so that they will know what to expect while traveling to this city in Algeria. If you are a senior traveler, then take note of the following pointers.

Travel to Algiers

Senior citizens are relatively safe when traveling via the international airport, as long as there are no disruptions to the schedule. Traveling during nighttime on land is not advisable, especially if you are elderly. Inside the city, keep your windows and doors closed while traveling. Bring as little valuables as you can when going out. You may want a companion to assist you.

Sights to Visit

It is understandable that as a senior citizen, you will not have the vibrancy of younger people, so you can visit the Museum of Antiquities where the beautiful Islamic and Elegant Roman art converge. Another museum is the Museum of Art and Popular Traditions, where they display numerous, fascinating ethnic traditions. You can tour the Notre Dame d’Afrique at your own pace. There are still many local attractions to visit, but these are good for senior citizens who just want a leisurely tour. You may forgo the black market because it can be very tiring for you.

Water and Food

Avoid drinking non-treated water and eating raw food. Non-treated water can introduce some microorganisms like Entamoeba histolytica, the causative agent of ameobiasis. This can cause diarrhea and tenesmus. Aside from this parasite, many more coliform protozoans can infect you. Drink only bottled or canned water. Eat only well-cooked food, as there are also many worms that come from raw food.


Algiers has many scenic places, but the city has still a lot to improve on health facilities. It ranks last out of 132 capitals based on quality of life. It is, therefore, wise for senior citizens to have a general check up before visiting Algiers, as there may be insufficient high tech apparatuses that could serve their needs. If you are senior citizen and you plan to travel to Algeria, then you should be healthy with no debilitating disease.

Obtain Vaccinations

It is safe to have vaccinations for hepatitis A and B (one dose polio for adults or senior citizens). Rabies vaccine is advised because of possible exposure to animal bites and then booster doses for diphtheria, tetanus and measles. Prevention is better than cure, so the cliché goes. Most of the information is about health precautions because of the low health status of the city.

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