Nightlife and Entertainment in Algiers

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There are plenty of Algiers Nightlife options worth exploring. Being the capital city of Algeria, the city of Algiers is the commercial center of the nation. Further, a large number of international tourists visit Algiers for its scenic, Mediterranean coastline. The constant presence of foreign visitors and the colonial past of Algiers have given it a multi-cultural attribute. This is best understood in the kind of Algiers nightlife options discussed below:

Getting Started on Rue Larbi M’Hidi

Unlike some of the more conservative African cities, Algiers has a pulsating nightlife. First-time visitors who are not sure about their partying options should stick to the main street of Rue Larbi M’Hidi. This is the most significant pedestrian area of Algiers. Just near to it is the Place Grand Post. There are plenty of small, impromptu parties arranged in this part of the city. Further, this is perhaps the most inviting place in Algiers in terms of accommodating foreign visitors.

Exploring the Tourist Complexes

Some places in Algiers have become partying havens for foreign visitors. These are best suited for vacationers who find it difficult to mingle with the native crowd. Two popular, tourist complexes include:

  • Sidi Fredj. The alleys offer innumerable options ranging from ice-cream parlors to terraced dining options. This nighttime spot is more suited for the family. There are some discos, too. Many times, native musicians can be seen playing along the streets.
  • Zeralda. This tourist complex is more suited for the hardcore party animals. It has many kinds of nightclubs and all-night discos to offer. The crowd is very young and the music is usually loud. This isn't the best place to explore if you are visiting Algiers with your family.

Serious Partying Options—Exploring Outskirts of Algeria

Those looking for some serious partying should tread towards the outskirts of Algiers that comes alive as the night progresses. The outskirts of Algiers is dotted with small, coastal hills that have become famous, partying spots. Visitors can seek transportation in the local ETUSA buses that are operated until midnight. Cabs can also be hired for a few hours. Most of the transport options are easily available from the city center.

The most happening-places here include the El Mouradia district. This is essentially an upmarket residential province with a typical European taste. The small teahouses and some hookah bars remain open till the early morning hours. Visitors can also seek invitation to the parties happening in Hydra—one of Algiers most fashionably-progressive districts.

Along the western coast of Algeria, the most sought-after partying spots include the El Biar. This place is very chic and remains crowded with international dignitaries. The Draria district boasts of the Dely Brahim which is probably the most exclusive night-time spot in Algiers. The more affordable districts known for their vibrant nightlife are Bouchaoui and Cheraga.

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