Festivals in Algiers

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Although there aren’t many well-known Algiers festivals, the locals do organize a few festivities throughout the year. Algeria is host to a Strawberry Festival that’s celebrated every two years. This festival draws strawberry cultivators because it features an exhibition on strawberry cultivation.

Festival of du Rai d’Oran

Rai d’Oran is a celebration of "Rai" music. This music is a blend of western rock beats and Arabic rhythms. It attracts several people--the old and the young alike and features more than 50 artists.

Marathon des Dunes

Otherwise known as a race in the desert, the Marathon des dunes draws runners from different parts of the world. It’s held in the town of Bechar.

Eid al Adha

This is a sacred festival and is also known as the "feast of the sacrifice." It is held in the month of November and if you’re lucky to be in Algeria in that month, you will be able to savor some popular Algerian delicacies.

Other Festivals

Apart from these festivals, you could also witness a few other events that happen throughout the year. Right from film festivals to marathons, Algeria is host to plenty of activities and events. The Ghardaia Carpet Festival is generally held in the month of March. This event welcomes carpet weavers from different parts of Algeria, all eager to display and sell their carpets.


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