Family Travel Ideas in Algiers

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Create Family Fun Exploring Algiers

A visit to the Maghreb cannot be complete without spending time in Algeria’s capital, but it is important to consider special requirements of Algiers family travel when travelling with kids in tow to ensure time spent here is exciting and enjoyable for everyone.

Historical Algiers is Exciting and Educational

The city of Algiers is one steeped in history, from the days of the Phoenicians and the Romans to the influence of the Ottoman Empire, the colonization of the French and eventual independence. Touring the city offers parents the perfect opportunity to illustrate the evolution of an area to their offspring through the changing art and architecture.

Interesting Museums and Arts Exhibitions in Algiers

Exhibitions that may engage young minds include those at the Bardo Museum on the Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, where artifacts include exciting archeological finds such as ancient rock drawings and examples of weaponry throughout the ages. At the nearby National Museum of Antiquities, families can find some amazing mosaics and manuscripts which are a wonderful way to fire young imaginations. 

Enjoy Algiers' Outdoors and Architecture

After spending a morning enjoying the museums, families may wish to enjoy the fresh air and picnic Al Fresco in the Parc de la Liberté which surrounds the National Museum of Antiquities. When full up and refreshed, many will take a trip to the casbah which is an amazing example of an ancient medina and a UNESCO world heritage site. The winding streets and alleyways are mysterious and exciting to youngsters, but it is imperative that parents keep children close in the casbah. Families ought to leave the area before the evening arrives, even by 4 p.m., as the evenings offer many opportunities for outsiders to be taken advantage of in the casbah. Families would also be well-advised to enlist the aid of a local guide if touring the area in order to ward off any unwanted advances.

A Stroll Along the Prom

All children love to be by the sea. While the massive Mediterranean port of Algiers offers little in the way of traditional seaside, a walk along the sea front promenade is a must after a day spent touring museums and exploring the casbah. With a wide selection of restaurants and cafes here run by friendly locals, it is the perfect place for a family to finish out the day.

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