Eating Out in Algiers

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Algiers’s dining identity is shaped more by its roadside eateries serving full-bodied and flavorsome local fare than its more swanky fine-dining options. Algiers Restaurants guide offers viewers comprehensive information on the best places to dine, in this cross-cultural hotspot.


It isn’t an exaggeration to state that visitors come here for the first time for a staple fare of the city’s renowned hybrid culture and many times after that for its rich culinary preparations. Algiers serves some of the most lip-smacking local grub in the desert and has visitors halting and flocking its eateries even when on a trip to other cities. There are a plethora of road side cafes, restaurants, diners, quaint coffee shops along with numerous fine dining options. The adventure travelers looking for  rustic, thoroughbred local fare can feast on the low-cost meals available in the labyrinth paths of the city. The best place to grab a meal is at one of the local specialties serving street side diners that overlook the sand dunes of the city and offer a brilliant opportunity to hobnob with the locals and share meals. For the more hygiene and service conscious visitors clique, the best dining options are the in-house restaurants of the more up market hotels. The fussy and picky visitors will certainly not relish the street-side binging sessions amidst dusty by-lanes even though the food is touted to be prepared in extremely hygienic conditions.

Where to eat

Like the city itself, the cuisine of Algiers is highly "fusionist" in nature.  The gastronomical legacy of the city is a mesh of French, Arabic and Turkish flavors and dishes vary from bland to robustly-spiced depending on their influences. Head to one of the old town stalls where delicious kebabs are wrapped in French bread and dunked in a heavily-spiced sauce. Great Stuff. Algeria’s comfort food is undoubtedly the couscous-a pasta style wheat creation that is eaten with a combination of flavorsome sauces. You will find great couscous creations at El Marsa, La Cashbah, La Colomba and Des Facultes.  For cheap food, delicately spiced chickpea accompaniment or hummus is a great option. Arzett Loubane serves great  Lebanese chickpea creations. Other popular signature dishes of the region include vegetable and meat stew. Visitors can also gorge on plenty of dates and figs along with a hard variety of goat cheese. The region is also known to whip up brilliant sea-food. Alcoholic drinks are served only in a few plush hotel restaurants. 

Algiers’s infectious eclectic spirit and kaleidoscopic countenance transmit to its local cuisine as well, that borrows flavors from various regions to climax into highly appetizing meals.

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