Cruises in Algiers

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Perhaps the best way to experience one of Africa's greatest cities is on one of the many Algiers cruises that make their way along the Mediterranean. You should be able to make a shore excursion long enough to soak up the following sights and sounds.

The Citadel

Easily accessible from a boat, the Citadel is a truly magnificent building dating back 500 years. It once guaranteed the protection of Algiers, and in times of war, it was a great vantage point over the port, the town and the countryside all around it. Now it is a well-preserved attraction that is must-see on all Algiers cruises.

Djema el-Djedid

To understand Algeria's Islamic past and present, you should visit Djema el-Djedid (English: the New Mosque), which dates back to 1660 and was constructed by the Ottoman Empire which was famous for its architectural grandeur. The French cleared many of the buildings on the waterfront but left this one behind, making the mosque one of the most traditional sights you'll get to see.

Jardin d'Essai

A perfectly relaxing day ashore can be had at the Jardin d'Essai, a French colonial garden that was used to experiment with growing different types of plants, flowers and vegetables at varying climates and soil types. The intention was to beautify the city, and this certainly worked to some extent. Although the gardens date back to the 1830s, they still have a fresh beauty about them, making them an essential stop-off on any Algiers cruises.

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