Bars and Cafes in Algiers

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If one wants to get a taste of Algiers Bars and Cafes, heading for the coast or the hills overlooking the city is the best bet. The fact is known that the people in Algiers love to spend the night partying, but apart from a few tearooms, bars and restaurants on the main streets, the city's businesses close in the evening due to the fact that the public transport stops running after 8 o'clock.

Chez Freres Acherar

This is of the quieter places to drink in Algiers; people can sit and enjoy a wide selection of cafes, sodas, local beer, and drinks. This is an American-style bar without a dance floor or noisy music, so it is a great place to have a nice chat or a business talk.

Bar Secret Garden

Just off Rue Didouche Mourad, Bar Secret Garden lies next to Fac Centrale. The secret garden is a place where students love to gather. The food is actually quite tasty despite the noise. It is a good place for those unable to speak French or Arabic, because people just take a tray and point to what they want. It's pretty standard fare, so it should not present any problems. The tab is less than $500 DA per person.

Cafe Danbech

This is ne of the coolest spots in Algiers. The clientele is young and cosmopolitan. The cafe is large, and while the service can be slow, the daily specials including gratins and pizzas make up for it. There is a small dance floor that gets going on weekend nights; this is ideal for a casual dance.

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