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Accommodation in Algiers

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To enjoy your holiday in Algiers, you might want to stay at one of these Algiers Hotels. There are several accommodation options available in Algiers. Here are a few recommendations for you:

Hotel Suisse

Hotel Suisse is conveniently located right in the city center, just behind the main shopping street of Algiers. Other hot spots of the city are just a short walk away from the hotel. The hotel provides excellent service and is a great place to stay if you have business to do in the city. Although Hotel Suisse is a bit old and outdated, the rooms, lobby and reception area are very clean and well organized. The hotel also has free Wi-Fi, and the staff is very accommodating. Standard rooms cost $57 per night. 

Hilton Algiers

This is one of the best hotels for business travelers. Hilton Algiers is situated in Pins Maritime, which is 20 minutes away from the city center. The hotel has first-class facilities such as function rooms, business centers, internet connections, a gym, swimming pools and four on-site restaurants. If you would like to stay in a place that offers nothing but the best, Hilton Algiers is the place for you. Standard rooms cost $308 per night.

Sofitel Algiers Hamma Garden

This is another high-end hotel that caters for business and leisure travelers alike.  Sofitel Algiers Hamma Garden is located on rue Hassiba Benbouali, which is few minutes away from the El Hamma Botanical Garden. The rooms are spacious and equipped with first-rate facilities and wireless internet access. The hotel takes care to provide its guests with a unique experience while staying here. Rooms cost $325 per night.

Sheraton Club des Pins Resort and Towers

The Sheraton Club des Pins Resort and Towers is probably the best hotel in Algiers, not to mention the only one situated along the beachfront. This five-star hotel has over 400 guestrooms that are fully equipped with world-class facilities and offer magnificent views of the beach or the garden. The hotel staff is well trained and very helpful, and the security is very efficient. You will surely enjoy the food offered in the five different restaurants within the Sheraton Club des Pins. Standard rooms cost $395 per night.

Hotel Sabri

This is one of the most highly rated hotels in Algiers. Hotel Sabri is located in Annaba, which is just few minutes away from the ancient Genoese Fort. The hotel has over 150 spacious suites and 100 apartments, most of which offer great views of the sea. Standard rates for suites start at $150 per night, while the apartments cost $177 per night.

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