Manual of Style

When so many people can edit the same content, it is necessary to establish a few, basic, rules so that World66 can be a useful, consistent and objective travel guide instead of a mess of data provided in thousands of different ways.

Keep in mind that everything you edit or add will be moderated by a World66 trusted moderator. So if your contribution won't follow one of the rules below the chances that your content will be deleted or strongly edited are really high.


  • Neutral point of view

    Please, avoid first-person in the article you are writing. World66 wants to be an objective travel guide (like LonelyPlanet, Let's Go, Frommers), not a collection of personal diaries! So please, avoid expressions like: "The first day I visited this..." or "I think the best view of the city is..." and try to write your article from a neutral point of view.

  • Try to put the information in the right section

    The information about a hotel should be listed in the "accommodation" section, the information on a Museum in the "museums" section and so on.

  • Split a long article into several paragraphs

    It'll be easier to read;

  • If you want to be credited just log in or register

    In this way your name will appear in the "Change history" at the bottom of the page you've edited.

  • Respect others' content

    Do not delete others' contributions only because "you don't agree" or because "you think you can do better". Respect other people's work and try to integrate your content with the existing one, trying to explain your point of view.

    If you think some content should be deleted you can write a message to the World66 mailing list and discuss the deletion with the community.


  • Do not add promotional articles

    We are a trvale guide, not the Yellow Pages! See a few samples of what is considered "promotional" and what is not.

  • Do not add political/religious statements or offensive/non-travel related content

    We know you are angry with the World or that your cousin is an expert of the history of Himachal Pradesh but, hey, this is the wrong place for you!

  • Do not abuse of the formatting tools

    Keep in mind that an article like this can be almost unreadable.

  • Do not use capital letters inappropriately


  • Do not write articles containing just a link to another website

    We are a travel guide, not Yahoo!

  • Do not write articles a language different from English

    We know that Swahili is cool but, we are sorry, most of the people won't understand it.