How to add a new article

World66 is open content, this means that everybody, including YOU, can add new destinations, sights, hotles, restaurants etc... Here is how you can add them.

Step 1 - Log in or Register (not mandatory)

By logging in you are sure that you'll be credited of the contributions you are making. If you aren't registered yet, fill in this form and register. It's free!

If you neither register nor logged in your submission will remain anonymous.

Step 2 - Be sure not to add an already existing article

Make a brief search on our internal search engine to be sure the article you're submitting doesn't exist yet.

Step 3 - Find the right location

If you are adding a new region just find the right country and click on the [Add a Region or City] link.

If you are adding a new city just find the right region and click on the [Add a Region or City] link.

If you're adding a hotel, a restaurant or a hotspot go the right section and click on the [Add] link.

In the sample below we are adding a hotel to the "Accommodation" section.

Step 4 - Fill in the fields

Fill in the name of the destination you are adding and write your article.

While adding an article, please, be sure that the content you're submitting complies with the World66 Manual of Style and Businesses Guidelines.

If you are adding a "Region" or a "City" make sure to select the right option from the drop-down menu.

In the sample below we are adding the "California" article to the "United States" section.

Step 5 - Click on the "Ok" button

And congratulations! You've just submitted your first World66 article!